2019 Mathematics Calendar Hints

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Rebecca Rapoport and Dean Chung

Try factoring 1594593.
The boat will go faster downstream thus spend less time on that part of the trip. So you can't just average 20 and 30 to get the average time over the whole trip. (If you need another hint, consider what your denominator should be.)
Hint 1: You don't need to find the roots to solve this problem.

Hint 2: Think about what the coefficients mean when you expand a quadratic.

The product of the roots is . What is the sum of the roots? You can generalize this to the problem for February 17.

Alas there is a typo in this problem. The problem is supposed to read 1 < x < y.
1575 should have been 1225.
Whoops. The answer is 25 and 2/3, not 23. Our apologies!
The marks showing the top and bottom lines are parallel got dropped. Here's the correct image.
There was a typo in the problem. The problem should read:


There was a typo in the calendar. The problem was supposed to read:

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